Bridging the gap between Design and Code


Often in product development, majority of time is spent between design and then converting those designs to code. Sometimes call this process as handoff, but over the time we might be spending more time in converting these designs to code than the actual business logic itself. And considering these designs again iterate on UI and UX reviews.

In the recent years, there is a huge growth in tools that aims to narrow the handoff time. But only a few are interesting, because often they end up transitioning into just a design tool or just a deployment tool. Since the code-generation part is tuff and often it's quite time consuming to maintain a user friendly code. So, here are the two categories that we often come-across

Full-Blown Design tool, These can be used to design in free-hand and pay less attention to the semantics.

End to End systems, which provide designing and content-management at the same time.

But the beauty of the web-development is we can build a single application in many different ways. And we configure our applications based on our requirements. So, here are some use-cases, that i personally see a short-coming with the state of no-code platforms.

- Custom Application Setup
- API management
- Adding custom scripts or custom code
- CMS management
- Ownership over data
- Reusing the design in some other projects just with code.

These are some of the use-cases, where we often try to eject out of the platforms that we are designing / building the application. And then we need to fiddle around with the code.

This has always been the priority while designing our generators. Making the code-readable and mostly building them with the concept of "How a developer would write this".
We have been experimenting on the ways to support users to take advantages of our studio for designing and still be able to write their own code or to hook our system into their development process.

Imagine a workflow where, designers can deliver their initial designs. And developers can just clone the designs and start writing business logics on top of it. And can just update the designs whenever they undergo a change.

Does that sounds like we should still keep designing and developing applications.

I have been looking around and working in no-code tooling for more than a year now and most of the time trying to achieve a tool that can do this.

Let me introduce you to 'teleport-cli', where we achieve to bridge this gap. Any designer can just design the system and developers can sync with the designs and continue their development. The cli is fully under beta, and under active development. Please let me know if this idea excites you and let us talk :)

For more details, about the cli you can check the readme here

Fun-fact, this blog is completely written using our studio at And components are synced to my profile in GitHub.