Trekking in Himalayas (Brahmatal) !!

Ever since I started trekking in 2019. I wait for winter every year, so i can set on another trek.

Duration: 7 days


Our bikes, at a pitstop
Sunset at the first campsite

Trekking was introducted to me from a very best friend of mine. Ever since i went on a first trek i fell in love with the experience.

Spoiler Alert !!

This is my second trek in himalayas, but i did not get the change to visit the peak even this time. The mountain gods are always against my desire to watch the world from the peak. But, that's not going to stop me. At the time of writing this blog, i am already researching, and planning for my second thrid trek.

What made me to fall in love with trekking ??

In my previous trek, i did not get a chance for reaching the peak because of storm. Our paths and camp locations quickly filled in snow, and we vacated instead. But the experiences that i had with fellow trekkers made me like the journey more than the desire to reach the peak. It's a very new experience to discover ourself, when we meet complete strangers on day 1 and become very close friends on the last day. I stay in touch with few of my trek mates even today.

The fact that we are left in complete new locations, sharing tents, food and memories and making new memories makes the whole trekking a unforgetable experience.

Why Brahmatal ?

My previous trek was kedarkantha which is a beginers trek with 12,500 ft in altitue. I missed the peak, so i didn't have a experience of how we the final push for peak goes on. So, i wanted a another beginers trek where i can get a proper experience from begining to reaching the peak. So, i picked brahmatal which is at 12, 250 ft.