Goa and Karnataka

Time to hit the road after a long break and covid lockdowns.

Duration: 15 days


A brief map of the journey
A brief map of the journey

Places covered, Dandeli, Vagator, Vasco, Pale, Ponda, Gokarna, Murudeswar, Jog falls.


Konkani in goa and Kannada in karnataka. But most of the people in this region speak hindi. So a little mix of hindi and english does the job.


I didn't explore more of a local dishes this time. But one thing got my attention is Pav with Mirchi - Bajji . We eat biscuits or samosa along with chai whenever possible. But, in goa Pav (regular bread) or Koya (specially made for diabetic people), is sold in almost every chai shop. And it goes with mirchi-bajji. It's usually cut in half and the bajji is inserted in it.


Road trips are the best way to escape the busy life and reset your mind. Here are some of the scenic routes with different terrains in my journey.
  • Dandeli - Sangave - Syntheri Rock (Gund)
  • Vasco - Gokarna
  • Murudeswar - Jog Falls

Each of these routes have a very different terrain and views.

Dandeli - Sangave - Syntheri Rock

Syntheri Rock is located in Gund, which is roughly 28kms from Dandeli. It is located in Kali Reserve Forest, and the route goes through Sangave checkpost.

The checkpost is closed from 6pm-6am everyday. So, the best time to visit is post 6am in the morning. You can get on a safari ride in the mornings and when i am driving through the reserve forest in the morning. I came across a deer and some peacocks running along the road.

The drive through this route makes it even more interesting in the early hours, because the rush from people visiting syntheri rocks starts from 10am. And don't forgoet to download the route offline before, as the network tends to drop.


Vasco - Gokarna

The route from Vaso towards is unique in it's own. The entire route goes paralle towards the Arabian Sea and through the western ghats. So, the mountains are to our left and the sea to our right.

Murudeswar - Jog Falls