A weekend road trip to Jawadhi Hills

Jawadhi hills (a.k.a. Jawadhu hills) are a part of the Eastern Ghats and a 4 hours drive from Chennai.

Duration: 2 days


Our bikes, at a pitstop
Our Bikes, at a pitstop

Are you are a road trip lover? Are you a biker? Here's then, a small road trip you would like to try out.

Road trips are always fun. It gives us a way to escape reality and our busy life. I often find reasons to travel. :D

Our road trip to Jawadhi Hills is one such example. I heard about it from my friends and always wanted to do a short road trip for a weekend. But we knew very little about the place, all we knew about the place is just the name :D. Nevertheless, we agreed on a date and quickly set ourselves on the task of preparing our bikes for the trip.

Our Machines and Preparations!

(Yes, we call them machines :D because "It's made like a gun and goes like a bullet!")

Since it was going to be a small road trip, we just had the usual service and checkups. We arranged some saddlebags to pack all our clothes and belongings.

I drove a Royal Enfield 350 and my friend used a Royal Enfield 350x. We agreed upon on starting at 5:00 am, but the actual start time was something different. ;)

Route and Location

There is one route that takes you to Jawadhi Hills from Chennai in 4hrs. But, we decided to take a little longer one via Thiruvananthapuram - Kanchipuram highway since it goes via forests and hills. Bike trips and road trips are not about the destination and more about the journey. And believe me, although the route we took extended our riding time, it was worth it.

Thiruvananthapuram - Kanchipuram Highway
Thiruvananthapuram - Kanchipuram Highway
Royal Enfield - Service Center
Royal Enfield - Service Center

Cruising time!

We started from Chennai after refuelling our "machines". Two hours into the journey, one of our bikes decided it should grab some attention from us. Fortunately, we were able to find a service center nearby.

Reaching the Destination

After a 6 hours ride, we reached our destination. The main town is located in between the hills. Immediately after reaching the destination, we decided to first satisfy our hunger. That being done, the next step would be to find a place to stay and go around the place, right? But no, we realised there were no hotels to stay in. :( Yes, you read that right, there were no private hotels or government tourism hotels to stay for a night! We quickly munched on something and then took a stroll around. We spent some time near a nice place called Beeman waterfalls.

Beeman waterfalls
Beeman waterfalls
Entering Yelagiri
Entering Yelagiri

A Quick Detour!

So, with no place to stay for the night anywhere near, we decided to set on one more short journey of 2 hours to reach Yelagiri. Yelagiri is the closest hill station with some decent facilities to stay.

Reaching Yelagiri

I had been to Yelagiri previously on another bike ride. The entrance road that leads to the hill, is my favourite. You can slowly pick up the pace and cover the 14 Hairpin bends to reach a small town with few restaurants and hotels. But we decided to stay in a tent, because why not?

Things to do in Yelagiri

Yelagiri is a quiet and small place when compared to other hill stations. Here you could do these things.

  • A small "trek" to Swami Malai Hills
  • Some fun sports
  • Campfires
  • Paddle boating
  • A stroll in the Government Park and a water show.
  • If the weather is on your side, you can camp in the forest. Else, you'd have to adjust like us in a backyard :D
Hilltop view from Swami Malai
Hilltop view from Swami Malai

View from Swami Malai hilltop

The views from the hilltop of Swami Malai are breathtaking. You almost feel like you are on top of the clouds. You could go for the trek at around 6 am. We initially planned to go a little earlier, but the locals advised against that as they came across bears sometimes in the early morning. :D Try to plan for the trek only in the morning as the time goes on, the sun will not show any mercy here!

And we started our journey back home, with fewer pitstops. We reached Chennai by night.